Friday, December 12, 2008

Nicknames for Your Dog?

The Mt. Adams Reindog Parade invades my neighborhood every year, and this weekend (Sat, Dec 13th) it will happen again. It features over 500 barking dogs, jolly people, little marching bands, barking nativity canines, doggie elves, santae (santae is a word made up on the spot to imply more than one Santa, it sounds kinda scientific, bet Bush would use it), reindogs galore. It's great fun. If you have a properly behaved canine. Mine is not.

For some reason I have a variety of nicknames for the dog. I don't think I'm alone in doing this. Here's a shortlist of a.k.a's:

  • Mr. Neropants
  • Stinky
  • Furball
  • Lord Furrybottom
  • Sir Farts-A-Lot
  • Stinky Johannsen
  • The Canine Unit
  • Squirrel Boy
  • CUJO

Our beast was a rescue and we're not sure what happened to him in his first year but it wasn't pleasant. He's great with us but when another dog gets close he acts all friendly then bites 'em on the end of the nose. He won't get to play in any Reindog games :-(


Lally said...

No wading into the shallows for you, eh?

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