Monday, December 8, 2008

'Bruce Almighty' Springsteen - Working on a Dream

I was out walking Lord Furrybottom (Nero) at lunch and for some reason I started thinking about an old Boss recording called 'Nebraska'. It was bleak, dark, and I enjoyed it very much. I have to admit, I kind of lost touch with the Boss after 'Tunnel of Love'. I was a big fan of his stuff in high school but sometimes when artists get so huge, you just burn out on them. Not to knock the artist.

Such was the relationship with me and the Boss' music. I like the fact that he's floating in space in this cover art, like Bruce Almighty gazing down lovingly upon his minions. Since the Boss did some shows for Obama, I think it might be time to check out Mr. Springsteen's latest effort. You gotta love a guy with a dream.


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